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What is a Mommy Bag?

A Mommy Bag is a packet/bag of advertising pieces, coordinated by Lynn Marketing Concepts, put together in order to broaden the advertising market for small businesses in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Our target market: Mommies and Women in general! We want to encourage all small business owners to participate but especially welcome those businesses owned by women. There is a modest fee to participate each month in the Mommy Bag Program and the only other costs involved in participating are in what you decide to create or include as your advertising piece for the Mommy Bags!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exciting News Ladies!

We have a brand new group of Mommies to receive Mommy Bags for the month of October!

I was just contacted by Jennifer Davis from La Leche League of Greater Lexington and they will be receiving our bags on their next meeting on Tuesday October 12th...how exciting for all of us!

That just about wraps it up for the October Bags, only about 8 more left to go.......and I am sure that I can find them a nice home very easily!

Now for the November Bags, I am making 500 of these Holiday Edition Bags!  And we already have homes for 378 of them and only need to find places for 122 more , which will not be hard at all.  I am going to contact a few of the first groups that received the bags in July and see if they might want a few of our Holiday Bags and will update you all as soon as I hear back from them!!

I am heading off to the Scentsy Open House tonight!  If you want to come out and support one of our very own Mommy Bags Participants, you can join me there!  It is from 6pm-9pm at the beautiful house of Debbie Wimsatt, at 2285 Guilford Lane, which is in behind the Beaumont Shopping Center.  You can always google map it if you don't know where it is....or you can call Debbie for directions: 543-0022   We would love to see you there, come out and support your fellow Mommy Bags Marketing Ladies!
After all, isn't that what this is all about, supporting each other?


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