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A Mommy Bag is a packet/bag of advertising pieces, coordinated by Lynn Marketing Concepts, put together in order to broaden the advertising market for small businesses in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Our target market: Mommies and Women in general! We want to encourage all small business owners to participate but especially welcome those businesses owned by women. There is a modest fee to participate each month in the Mommy Bag Program and the only other costs involved in participating are in what you decide to create or include as your advertising piece for the Mommy Bags!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Some General Info for Small Business Owners

Many business owners know the 80-20 principle in doing business. This principle means that you will try to focus on 20% of the customers and provide good service for them. And for the rest of the customers, you may maintain a good relationship with them but they will not be the main target of your business.

In fact, this is quite useful for beginners of the business world. You will find that it is very hard to make everyone happy with the performance of your business. Therefore, you can follow the principle to serve the most important customers for your business instead of all of them.

If there are no such customers in your business, you lose in the competition already. If you wish to enjoy a large amount of loyal customers in the sales network, you have to know some useful ways to please them. For example, you have to keep good contact with them. If you know that they have a regularly purchase habit, you can send them reminders a few days before they make the purchase. Of course, it means that you have to keep the shopping habits of some customers in mind well.

You may say that it is hard to keep such record for all the customers. Well, I am not saying that you should treat every customer in this way. You should only treat part of the customers. The selection criteria depend on you, but you should only target about 20% of the customers. Or, you may select customers which can contribute to 20% of the total sales of your business.

When you try to target these customers, you can give them some extra offers or discounts. For example, you can try to offer them professional help for them to use the products efficiently. You may also give them some bonus coupons so that they can enjoy a price reduction when they purchase the products.

Doing promotion or advertising work will surely be needed if you want to explore new market. However, you should never sell your business in a hard-sell mood. It is very annoying to promote your products in that way. If you are the customer, you also want to have some interesting and professional articles to read instead of some hard-selling articles which are very annoying.

But when you are giving the information to your customers, you should make sure that you are not giving too much. You should not tell everything at once when they contact you and ask you the questions. Keep something in your mind first. Make them curious about your information and tell them bit by bit. This can surely make them loyal to your business and this can surely increase the trust from your customers.

To conclude, you should figure out some unique ways to provide impressive services to the clients of your company. It can help your business to be outstanding in the market.

Just some informational tips that I will be providing from time to time so check back frequently!


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