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A Mommy Bag is a packet/bag of advertising pieces, coordinated by Lynn Marketing Concepts, put together in order to broaden the advertising market for small businesses in the Lexington, Kentucky area. Our target market: Mommies and Women in general! We want to encourage all small business owners to participate but especially welcome those businesses owned by women. There is a modest fee to participate each month in the Mommy Bag Program and the only other costs involved in participating are in what you decide to create or include as your advertising piece for the Mommy Bags!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Unique sponsor added for July, Please read her story!

We are excited to welcome Martha Saunders to the team for July and she has share a personal story with us that I would like to share with you all! 

When our son came home (he is adopted from S. Korea) I was so unsure of what to do and asked my Mom for

ideas and activities to make sure he got the best most educational start in life. I wanted it to be fun, as I think

learning should be, yet well rounded, inexpensive and educational. A big task but my Mom is great and her 48

years of experience with children under six ensures she is a wealth of ideas and knowledge. I tried for years to get

her to write a book, but she is so busy with ‘her babies’ that she never did it. Then, I decided to homeschool and

created my own curriculum for Wyatt when he turned 3. I figured why let it go to waste, I told my Mom I’d write

it and she could help me when I got stuck and edit it to make sure I didn’t screw up! We are pleased with the end

result and having it on CD allows us to update the materials with new ideas, expanded information, pictures and

such very easily. We also have worked really hard to make it as affordable as possible for families, life is so ]

expensive already.  And in her own words, pretty inspiring if you ask me!

If you want to check out her company please visit:



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